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Happy Family

family sessions

All the inside jokes, all that you’ve been through together, all the laughs, the tears, and the hugs. It’s time to capture this moment forever. Let’s make that vision of a family portrait that you’ve had in your head finally become a reality.

what to expect


we’ll pick a place that feels good to your family, so you can enjoy some time in each other’s company.  It could be your favorite park, on the streets of your hometown or in your own backyard.  There are also many beautiful areas that you may never have considered.  As a Minneapolis photographer, I know of lots of great locations to suggest.


wardrobe planning

if you need help deciding on outfits, there are many tips for that.  It’s a lot less complicated than you may think.  I have a what to wear guide to help you.

when we have each other, we have everything!

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